Thursday, October 22, 2009

Animation project 1.

Ink/ pencil: Cut paper animation. Photoshop rendered. Final Cut Pro for sequences. 15 frames per second. Around 300 frames. About 5-6 hours work. First attempt, so there are some errors.
(Read this after viewing to understand a little more clearly.)
Narrative: This is called "In love...?" There is a typo in the title. I'll change that soon. In the beginning, there sits two characters. (Insert Parisian tune and french accents.) The man, with a handsome mustache and fancy purple bow tie and mustard shirt combo. The woman in a purple dress. They are a couple (assumption that they are dating is necessary) sitting in a park enjoying the presence of one another. While they begin to compliment each other, the conversation arises in the form of a crumpled up piece of paper. The man starts by saying that the woman is beautiful like a bouquet of roses. She responds by saying the man is so masculine and resembles that of a "20's body builder." The man then says that she is sweet like candy, lets say like lollipops. She then compliments his handsome mustache, like a Tom Selleck portrait. He is excited to mention his love in the form of a diamond ring, hinting at marriage. She reacts in a nervous shock, which then discourages the man. The ring dream is ruined, causing the ring to fall out of frame, and the conversation to crumple back into a paper ball and fall back into the hands of the man. The scene fades out. End scene is the man sitting alone in a gloomy state, while the conversation rolls away.