Thursday, October 22, 2009

Animation project 1.

Ink/ pencil: Cut paper animation. Photoshop rendered. Final Cut Pro for sequences. 15 frames per second. Around 300 frames. About 5-6 hours work. First attempt, so there are some errors.
(Read this after viewing to understand a little more clearly.)
Narrative: This is called "In love...?" There is a typo in the title. I'll change that soon. In the beginning, there sits two characters. (Insert Parisian tune and french accents.) The man, with a handsome mustache and fancy purple bow tie and mustard shirt combo. The woman in a purple dress. They are a couple (assumption that they are dating is necessary) sitting in a park enjoying the presence of one another. While they begin to compliment each other, the conversation arises in the form of a crumpled up piece of paper. The man starts by saying that the woman is beautiful like a bouquet of roses. She responds by saying the man is so masculine and resembles that of a "20's body builder." The man then says that she is sweet like candy, lets say like lollipops. She then compliments his handsome mustache, like a Tom Selleck portrait. He is excited to mention his love in the form of a diamond ring, hinting at marriage. She reacts in a nervous shock, which then discourages the man. The ring dream is ruined, causing the ring to fall out of frame, and the conversation to crumple back into a paper ball and fall back into the hands of the man. The scene fades out. End scene is the man sitting alone in a gloomy state, while the conversation rolls away.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gary Ventura & Ryan Russell, two men that show music.

So i am an avid fan of all kinds of music. There is no genre that i can rule out. But when i get involved with a band, i want to know little details that not a lot of media can express. I like to see images of tour because it puts you into the lives of musicians who are not on stage or not in the magazines. The images put you in the backseat and help you understand what they are involved in when away from the amps and mics. This intrigues me because it allows you to understand lyrics and melodies in a higher depth. It enhances the comprehension. So if interested, i think that checking out these photographer's work would be entertaining, to say the least. Enjoy.
Click below photo for Gary Ventura:

and click below for Ryan Russell:

Martin Schoeller (is looking at you)

I mentioned this photographer as an artist who uses people for portraits, mostly well known faces but sometimes not, and focuses in precise detail in order to show all the flaws and emotions in one face. So often the media uses makeup and digital rendering in order to create an image of a person in absolute beauty. What intrigues me about Martin is that he wipes that all away. Primarily focuses on the facial texture and structure to analyze one's emotions. It gives me shivers on how amazing some of these photographs look. Also almost makes me cry on how he can use a comedian to express a look that is utterly depressing. He did a series with female bodybuilders that made me feel weird. They are tanned to a bright orange, every muscle is sculpted, all feminism is almost hidden. In no shape or form do i think what they do is wrong, it is their life and their choice to feel a form of beauty that i just can't comprehend. But i think that Martin, but using these subjects, was to depict a particular message about these women. How they can be these individualistic females, with different backgrounds, but be in a body that some would not expect. He does that in so many pieces. Jim Carrey is a comedian known for his ridiculous expressions and outbursts of insanity and hilarity. He makes people fall off their chairs in laughter. However, he came out in public interviews not too long ago for having depression. When Martin did a portrait of him, I could see the depression painted all over his face. That's what is so impressive about Schoeller's work. It depicts a caption of its own. Each person can reflect such a strong message through their expressions, obviously Martin Schoeller knows this.

Check out his website at:

Thursday, April 30, 2009

presentation links

i will be posting the links to all the artists that i presented yesterday in class. i really recommend checking all of them out, as they are highly amazing.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Audrey Kawasaki & her...

Audrey Kawasaki's work has fascinated me. Her medium is mainly oil on wood panel, which i think is absolutely phenomenal in the way she uses it. Usually i don't recommend artists that primarily use nudes based on my own views on this context. But she is just too good at using this art form to keep quiet. Her images are strongly seductive and this may be why eyes are so drawn to them. Or it could be that she uses her techniques to creates a beautiful gentle subject such as a woman and places an organic object or creature to balance the composition. Whatever it is that is so intriguing with her work, it is amazing. Please look at her paintings.

Her website

Her Blog

Monday, April 13, 2009

blaine fontana of wonders.

I've been a fan of Blaine Fontana for a couple years now. His paintings blow my mind. And i'm always so amazed on much effort he puts into his installations. He creates an incredible atmosphere. i strongly suggest you check out his work. i hope i get a chance to see one of these, up close, in the future.