Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Preparation for a Traditional day.

So everyone knows that this fine day of Thanksgiving is among us. Thursday evening, i will be stuffing my face with nearly 2 centuries of America's most precious foods. And i cannot be more stoked on that fact. Family will converse, play, eat, and drown their sorrows with fine liquor. It will be so joyous. I love this day so much in fact that i am preparing. I don't get many meals throughout my daily diet. i spend much time running around and dont pack it in til the evening. Since my fellow friends are leaving town, we chose to spend hours at America's finest, Izzy's buffet. Spent time just consuming so much food that it resulted in 6 miserable stomachs. But you know what!? i am full, still after 4 hours. And i will continue to eat. Because this Thanksgiving, i will be champion. No contest. No food will go untouched. Wish me luck America! i will kick your face in Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tips for a healthy heart

So. i have been caught reading these little articles on Yahoo health, you know the ones under the icons of smiling faces and cheesy headlines. Every time that i scan through these, they just amaze me on how i have been doing the wrong thing. According to research, it has shown that the ones who express their conflicts and anger have half the risk of getting heart disease compared to the people who keep their conflicts internally. Those bottled up peeps are going to be getting heart disease like crazy. And how taking power naps can increase your life to 100. Power naps being 15 to 30 min naps. But those who lack sleep are prone to have heart complications. And after those articles, i'm on the edge of my seat scared that i will have a dead heart at the age of 40. So basically, this is me informing you to express anger and conflict. Yell at people when your mad. Confrontation is healthy. read the articles. i will post them below. And after your done rippin apart people with your problems with them. Offer to take a power nap with them. get you all refreshed and those problems will melt away. this will offer a healthy and peaceful environment.

Relationship study
Power Nap study