Sunday, December 2, 2007


I am streaming off of the energy that i have consumed. In hopes that this education may be pursued. Instead, i have been distracted by ADD technology creating a reason this insomniac may never fall asleep. So i tip toe among pages of personalities and memories, like an ice cream truck i creep. There is little to none motivation to my continuance of succession. I rather put my gawking eyes towards peoples lives. Feel as if there is a car crash among my computer screen and i cant help but stare. With the finality of my fate, I wish with more conviction i could care. Leave me alone online corruption, i need to work among my scholarly desires and you are a mere interruption. Please let me be a saint, then when i conclude i can be quaint. There should be less creativity towards my life. For this obsession of media is causing me much strife.

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