Friday, January 18, 2008

Car alarms.

To of which there is silence, there is noise. I feel that every moment where i can find solitude and humility, i am struck down with a crashing force of labor or trials. Where is the freedom of grace or the desire for a well paved flat road. guess there is no excitement within the smooth grain. Friction causes temptation to chain yourself to the happenings that cause you to pull. So in these surroundings where i am able to see light among a cave of darkness. i will sit and struggle to dig through the rocks causing my hands to run dry. what i try to express through these emotions is that even though i know life is a continuance of trouble, i will still try until i can break within the scene of happiness. For what is life without the effort to try for the thing that seems impossible. How do we know that it is out of reach without leaping for it, without using a ladder or a rocket. In every moment where we are knee deep in sorrow, there is someone who is neck deep in crisis and turmoil. I feel i must show the world that there is more. I will try to portray that. You will try to understand it. My stories are words of emotions unheard. We try to convey the things we don't say. But listen and view, each dream you pursue may never come true. But those dreams make you... you.

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