Monday, January 28, 2008

ill fated memories

I spent the morning creeping under a cotton shield. Lowering the force for dear breathes to harshly escape. There are no moments I wish my body turned and broke this laziness trance that shattered motivation and took opportunities. My voice left a couple days ago without saying goodbye, just packed up his bags filled with songs and helpful advice, and left. I hope that he may return but as these days have preceded, he still has yet to call. But it is typical, he comes and goes every year. This may chance my hopes of benefiting from my words. So I will wait patiently for his return. I appeared later on in the evening nearly cynical, but shrugged off my surroundings and consumed to pass time. As night meets with me, just like everyday, I will spend it accomplishing more than I could of shared with daytime. To be brutally honest, daytime just kind of passes by. Maybe the moon will take a vacation and the sun and clouds will pay me a visit. But until then, I will sit and drink tea with the stars, because they seem to make me smile much more than I can ask of the clouded sky.

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