Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Twizzlers. Bugles. & Grapefruit juice.

The new year arrived about 9 days ago. So happy new year to those who enjoyed a day of drunken regrets. countdown kisses and changing your lifestyles for a so called "better life." My resolution was to live a natural life. this doesn't mean a strict herbal life. what i intend to do is, reduce the intake of waste that i consume daily. such as junk/fast food, lies, judgment, and false hope. What i plan to do is act how i truly feel without holding anything back. since this is a new year, i want to kick old habits of hoping and failing. instead break through the core of desire and strive for dreams. So what i am announcing publicly is really significant. a plan to basically establish my future. an innovation of saying and not doing. and you will be happy to hear it... when i tell you. stay tuned.

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Kay said...

Those are very reasonable and inspiring resolutions Al. I think you can accomplish them flawlessly. :D